Healthy Eating

Eating LESS and Exercising MORE = Weight Loss. 

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Healthy Eating Resources:

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Take Action (pick ONE thing to commit to this month):

Make a plan: 

  1. Pick a start date. 
  2. Clean House. Get food out of the house that will make losing weight harder. Make it easier on yourself! 
  3. Tell friends and family about your one-month plan and ask them to remind you and check in on you. 

Join or Sign Up: 

Join Weight Watchers or restart a program the worked for you in the past. 

Kickstart a healthy habit: 

  • Pack your lunch every day this month. 
  • Limit yourself to 1 scoop of cooked rice, pasta or other starch at dinner this month. (Use an ice cream scooper or a 1 cup measuring cup.) 
  • Slow down. Take 30 seconds before each meal to remind yourself of your weight loss goals. 
  • Track your progress by keeping a food diary or using the “Lose It!” app.
  • Swap your beverages for healthier ones this month. 
Glass of whole milkGlass of skim milk60-80 calories
20 oz Coke or PepsiDiet Coke/Diet Pepsi or water240 calories
Jamba Juice OJWater330 calories
Starbucks MoccachinoStarbucks skim latte180-400 calories
Energy Drink/GatoradeWater200 calories