Want to get more exercise?


Your body is like a car. You’ve got to rev the engine every day or it just won’t run right.

Pick ONE thing to commit to this month: 

Join or Sign Up: 

  • The Y Fitness Challenge Class at my local YMCA. 
  • An exercise class that meets every week.
  • A mall walking group. 

Kickstart a healthy habit: 

  • Walk for at least 5 minutes every day. 
  • Walk up and down stairs for 5 minutes every day. 
  • Make appointments to exercise at least 3 days a week (good if you exercise but not consistently). 
  • Find a buddy and schedule time to exercise together. 
  • I will restart a habit that worked for me in the past.

Make a plan: 

  • Pick a start date. 
  • Tell friends and family about your one-month plan and ask them to remind you and check in on you. 

For more information on exercise, check out this website:


YMCA: http://www.ymaryland.org/y-fitness-challenge 

Workouts for Seniors: http://www.homeworkoutsforseniors.com 

Workouts for people with pain and disability: http://www.ncpad.org/14weeks/index.php